The Non-Euclidean Bridge

How important is it for you to inspire others with words and action? That is all that we have in the end, how our words and actions echo forth and continue, long after death until they are diffused into a part of the greater tapestry of the ancient cosmos. Indeed, we may very well be being bombarded with the ancient deeds of civilizations past, so far away from us that time and distance become meaningless concepts. What we get from their extinction or ascension is a steady, uninterrupted, serene glow whirring with a hum and purpose through a protracted series of lenses: The lens that is the atmosphere, enabling us to exist; the lens of the telescope, enabling us to see farther; the fragile lens of our own eye, orders of magnitude more complex than the first and second, and finally the lens of the mind.

Through the first lens, the atmosphere, there is the primacy of existence. It enables us to ask: What else is out there? We have an atmosphere. Other planets must, therefore there must be life abroad (perhaps in Europe, for example). The second lens, enabled by the first, is a symbol for all technology extending the senses, our sense of exploration, and our powerful curiosity. The third lens gives us a sense of our limits and possibilities, is the reference point for everything, our sense of mortality and speciality. The fourth lens is the connection with the vast unknown that we already have, of all other life, and of the universe itself. It is the most exquisitely sensitive and powerful instrument, many times greater in perceptual power than the other three.

Does the lens of the mind see philosophy in the Universe? Does it magnify the Metaphysical? Can we trap and apprehend photonic, elemental, atomic insights wafted on the cosmic winds? Do the ancient dead and gone slowly supernova the outer layers of their civilizations’ noosphere, and leave us pictures of the cosmos in star systems before they even existed? My gift to the universe: An explosion of Self! Every sacred emanation will be seen through one lens or another at some point. The Euclidean bridge built from the middle peopled with exotic mind-species..

The thought crosses my mind when I look into the eye of another or indeed even imagine another’s eyes, that we may be one day reduced to such a contemplatory backdrop for another species.

How can one escape one’s continual fate as an eternal post-memory of everyone else they interact with. Walking ghosts to one another, lost in the labyrinth of our own thoughts. Never quite existing in the present moment to ourselves or others, and fated to stay suspended in the shimmering background of a celestial archaeological dig for another species.

An inspired moment-to-moment awareness that circumvents linear, causal thinking. There is a larger pattern in the subtleties of the ebb and flow that make up the sustained attention of a focused mind that is questing for what lies beyond the veil. It requires sustaining a grand vision on a large scale, lying a bit beyond the limits of what we can conceive. Coordination, synergy, between people would give us the extra push we need.


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